Since when…

Okay I feel a rant coming, oh, here it is…

Since when is it okay to pick your nose and eat it? Have I missed a memo about this? At a red light today a fellow in his truck went digging for gold up his nose, found it, inspected it and then ate it.  Without a care for who might see him.

Walking into the grocery store after work today and bam same thing. Some fella found a nose nugget, yanked it out and had a snack. Again, no concern that he was in public and that this gross unsanitary activity could be seen by all.

I mean we have all seen a child digging around in there. We then see one of the child’s parents remind them that we don’t do that and proceed to help the child use a tissue. Really people do you know what the mucus in your nose is for?

It is basically an air filter trap, where all of the yuckies that we breathe in all day get trapped so that we will  not be as affected by the pollution, chemicals and crud that surrounds us. Do you really think that eating it like an appetizer is the best thing for you?


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